7. Wasserkonferenz

From the hydological extremes to current management of river ecosystems connectivity and continuity

The 7th Water Conference is organized by the Water Platform of the Alpine Convention in dialogue with 
EUSALP AG 6 Subgroup Water

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Markus Reiterer, Generalsekretär der Alpenkonvention
Vertreter des Tiroler Landesregierung
Paolo Angelini & Luka Stravs, Präsidenten der Wasserplatform

Modul 2: Auswirkung von Trockenheit im Alpenraum

Chair: German delegation to the Water Platform
Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3
Debate / interactive section


Modul 2: Bewältigung von Trockenheit

Chair: Austrian delegation to the water Platform
Speaker 4 (Slovenia)
Speaker 5 (Germany)
Speaker 6 (Italy)
Renate / interactive section

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Modul 3: Grüne Infrastrukturen für ein integrales, nachhaltiges Wassermanagemen

Chair: Slovenian delegate to the Water Platform
Speaker 7 (WWF)
Speaker 8 (Slovenia)
Speaker 9 (Germany)
debate / interactive section

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Modul 3: Gemeinsame Leitlinien für die Nutzung der Kleinwasserkraft im Alpenraum

Chair: Italian delegation the the Water Platform
Speaker 10 (Switzerland)
Speaker 11 (Austria)
Debate / interactive section

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Workshops Module 1


Workshop 1.4 – Alpine springs under pressure

Chair: Stefanie von Fumetti (University Basel)
Alpine springs provide ecosystem services such as being a supply of drinking-water. Ecologically, they are important aquatic habitats under pressure. They suffer e.g. from cattle trampling, capturing or relocation. Land use changes and climatic changes threaten springs additionally. Headwaters in alpine regions will be affected strongly by climatic changes such as increased water temperatures or altered discharge regimes. In this workshop we will discuss conflicts of interests and threats for natural springs and how we can monitor them effectively. The development of conservation strategies should be a focus of future efforts in order to sustain important ecosystem services of springs in the Alps.
Stefanie von Fumetti & Daniel Küry: Alpine springs under pressure will Global Change increase present conflicts of interest?
Gabi Leonhardt: Long-term monitoring of alpine springs to determine climate change impact
Reinhard Gerecke & Marco Cantonati: Collecting biota in spring habitats: A proposal for a sustainable methodology in long-term monitoring studies
Daniel Küry: Ecological evaluation, conservation and restoration of spring habitats in the Swiss Alps


Workshop 1.5 – Monitoring and managing European Union species and habitats of alpine rivers

Chair: Norbert Müller (Uni Erfurt) & Helmut Kudrnovsky (Kematen)
The EU Habitat Directive is requiring the monitoring and managing of their Annex species and habitats. In this session, we will discuss this subject area for alpine rivers. Special focus will be on key species and their habitat types 3220, 3230, 3240 “Alpine rivers“and 7240* and 91E0. Within the last EU Habitats Directive Article 17 Reporting the conservation status of these habitats was assessed with unfavourable inadequate to bad. Therefore, besides methods of monitoring also examples of managing and reintroduction of key species will be part of this workshop. This workshop is also part of the “16th International Alpine Workshop” an annual meeting of scientists, practitioners and advanced students working in alpine rivers (see www.fh-erfurt.de/la/tagliamento).
Helmut Kudrnovsky: 3230 “Alpine rivers with Myricaria germanica” – actual findings along river Lech
Bruno Michielon & Tommaso Sitzia: Reintroduction of Myricaria germanica in Italy – an overview
Norbert Müller: 30 years monitoring and managing Typha minima at the Tyrolean Lech river – a key species of the habitat 7240* “Alpine pioneer formations”
Michael Reich: Monitoring Bryodemella tuberculata – a key species of the habitats 3220, 3230 and 3240 “Alpine rivers”
Anna Schöpfer & Leopold Füreder: Standardized selections of FFH-species and habitats for protection measures


Poster session & Apéro

16:30 – 17:00: Current programmes and networks (Plenary)
Chair: Thomas Scheurer

Bernat Claramunt (Barcelona): NEMOR, or Do we need (another) European network for mountains?
Primož Skrt  (Munich): Alpine Space Programme: Outlook on the next programme period
Massimo Bastiani: Network of River Contracts (tbc)
Georg Niedrist: Forum Water
Taja Ferjancic-Lakota (PSAC Innbruck): Announcement of Young Academics Awards

Poster Exhibitiopn with Apéro

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Conference dinner with guests, entertainment, water tasting

Welcome addresses
 - Roland Psenner (ÖAW / ISCAR)
Invitation of local politics (tbc)
Music (option): Viennese Jazz Music
Water tasting: Roland Psenner