Session 1
Workshop 5.1. Learning from the past for the management of present and future water-related conflicts: Dealing with floods and flood risk in historical Alpine societies

Chair: Patrick Kupper (Institute of History and European Ethnology, University of Innsbruck)
Reinhard Nießner (Institute of History and European Ethnology, Univ. of Innsbruck): The 1789 Flooding of Innsbruck: Human Induced Disaster, Social Conflict and Contemporary Challenges
Melanie Salvisberg (Institute of History, Univ. of Bern): Taming the torrent? Flood control and conflicts of interest at the Gürbe River (Canton of Bern) from the 19th century until today
Christian Rohr  (Institute of History, Univ. of Bern): Avoiding conflicts by revisiting historical experience? Flood marks and their use for disaster memory past and present